In the year 2015 alone, property owners in the United States reported nearly fifteen billion dollars in property damages due to fire. The financial repercussions of an uncontrolled fire can be enormous, but the following numbers are even more troubling: that same year, fires killed more than 3,000 civilians and injured more than 15,000. A fire department in the U.S. responds to an emergency phone call every 23 seconds — call Metro State Fire today for Parker fire protection services and to make sure you’re not on the other end of the line.

Metro State Fire is the premier Parker fire protection services provider. Although our service range spreads across Colorado, Nebraska and Wyoming, you’d never guess it from our small-business approach to customer service. Our expert technicians treat every client like a VIP, and we’re eager to apply our knowledge, attention to detail and personal touch to each case so we can create a fire protection service customized to your needs.

Comprehensive Parker fire protection services include:

  • Backflow Prevention. We’ll examine your existing back flow devices to make sure they’re functioning as designed. If not, we’ll repair or replace any devices necessary to protect your water from hazardous contamination.
  • Fire Alarms. We listen carefully to your needs at Metro State Fire so that we can recommend the best fire alarm system for your particular situation. A qualified technician will help you choose from our wide range of alarm systems, then install and test your fire alarms to ensure they meet local and state fire safety codes.
  • Fire Alarm System Monitoring. Our around-the-clock emergency response team keeps a close eye on your fire alarm system so that we can respond to the first signs of fire immediately, alerting you and the appropriate emergency personnel.
  • Fire Extinguishers. Metro State Fire will ensure your property is equipped with the necessary fire extinguishers to stop small fires from spreading in every area of your property. We’re also happy to service and replace fire extinguishers.
  • Fire Sprinklers. A fire sprinkler system will allow your property to put out small fires quickly and automatically. We’ll help you determine what sprinkler system might work best for your property.

For Parker fire protection services, look no further than Metro State Fire. Call today at 303.783.3625 to take your first step toward a safer property. Your safety is our number one priority — we can’t wait to serve you!