Think fires are a rare state of emergency? Think again. Civilians make thousands of fire response calls every single day. In the United States, a fire department responds to a report of fire every 23 seconds. In just the year 2015, fires caused injury to more than 15,000 people and killed 3,000. Many of these tragic deaths and injuries might have been prevented had property owners equipped their buildings with fire protection measures. Protect your business with Centennial fire protection services from Metro State Fire

The numbers might worry you, but they don’t have to. With property safety measures, you can prevent small fires from spreading and possibly causing damage, injury and even death. For Centennial fire protection services, turn to Metro State Fire to receive the best service in the business. We value a personal approach to fire protection services, which means your fire protection plan will be customized to your needs and your property.

Our comprehensive Centennial fire protection services include:

  • Backflow Prevention. Avoid water contamination by ensuring your back flow prevention devices are functioning properly. Metro State Fire’s qualified technicians will assess the performance of existing backflow prevention devices and perform repairs or install replacements when necessary.
  • Fire Alarms. Different properties have different needs, and Metro State Fire technicians are happy to assist you in choosing what fire alarm system is best for your property. Our technicians will also install your fire alarms and ensure your fire alarm system adheres to local and state regulations.
  • Fire Alarm System Monitoring. Without a response team, even top-of-the-line fire alarms are no good. That’s why Metro State Fire offers an around-the-clock monitoring team to alert emergency teams and property owners at the first signs of fire on your property.
  • Fire Extinguishers. We’ll inspect, install and repair fire extinguishers so your property is up to fire safety codes.
  • Fire Sprinkler. After assessing your property, our technicians will recommend the sprinkler system best suited to your individual needs.

Act now and rest easy knowing you’ll be protected from injury and costly property damages in the event of a fire. For Centennial fire protection services, reach out to Metro State Fire today at 303.783.3625 for a consultation.