Fire departments across the United States receive thousands of fire response calls every single day. In fact, a fire department somewhere in the U.S. responds to a fire every 23 seconds. You might consider a fire to be a rare state of emergency, but in the year 2015 alone, over 15,000 people were injured in the U.S. and more than three thousand died. Sadly, many of these deaths and injuries might have been prevented had the building been equipped with adequate fire protection measures. Trust Metro State Fire for all your commercial Aurora fire protection services. 

A small fire can lead to disastrous outcomes, but it doesn’t have to. With proper safety measures in place, you can prevent fires from starting and extinguish small fires before they have the chance to spread, potentially causing damage and injury.

For the most trusted name in the business, turn to Metro State Fire. We’re dedicated to providing exceptional service, and we deeply appreciate our customers. We take a personal approach to fire protection, and we’ll customize a plan that’s perfect for your needs and your property, so that you can rest assured knowing you’re protected from fires.

Our comprehensive Aurora fire protection services include:

  • Backflow Prevention. Water contamination can create a fire hazard on your property. Metro State Fire’s skilled technicians will ensure your current back flow prevention devices are functioning properly and perform repairs or install new devices where necessary.
  • Fire Alarms. A Metro State Fire technician will help you determine what fire alarm system is best suited to your needs and your property. We’ll make sure your fire alarms system is properly installed and up to local and state regulations.
  • Fire Alarm System Monitoring. What good is an excellent fire alarm without an excellent response team? Metro State Fire offers monitoring services around the clock, so we’re ready to respond to the first signs of fire on your property.
  • Fire Extinguishers. We’ll install, service and repair fire extinguishers on your property so you can put out small fires as quickly as possible.
  • Fire Sprinkler. Our technicians will conduct a thorough examination of your property and recommend a sprinkler system that will best serve your property and your needs.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to prevent costly property damages, personal injury or even death due to unexpected fires. For Aurora fire protection services, call Metro State Fire at 303.783.3625 to schedule a consultation with a specialist today.